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Stanley Groth was born the second child to Jack and Ellen Groth
Stanley maried ?? and they had two children: A daughter and a son, Stanley II Groth.

Rick Northup Remembers Stanley Groth:
Stanley moved to California in around 1955 after Jack died and Ellen lived with them for a time. Later, Stanley and his first wife divorced and by the time I got to know him in 1966, he had moved to San Pablo with a Chinese lady, Mae Pang, who had four children of her own. I remember Laurie, the yougest and Francis, the second, and there was an older boy, Joey and a younger boy that I do not remember his name. David Claypool (Davie Doug) had lived with them for a time when he was going to school and Rick Northup lived with them for a time after getting out of the Navy. Stanley was a bait clam digger in the rich delta country of the San Joaquin River, near Stockton. He liked to tell people he was a union man and a Master Baiter. He was a man full of philosophy and always ready to give someone a helping hand. Rick mightily enjoyed hs years working and living with Stan and Mae. Stanley Groth's page is under Construction. Check back frequently for changes.

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